Things To Do To Be An Awesome Father

A good father
It is the dream of every father to be good to their children. How can one be a good father to his children?
Have a lot of fun with the children
Many responsibilities come with being a father, but it’s also fun. Try to show children that you are the happiest father in the world, just because you are a father to them. Let them see that their presence gives you joy.
Spend time with and take responsibility for your children
Some parents, including fathers, miss many opportunities and chances to spend time with their children. Often this is because they think that some other tasks are more important, or rather running after other interests. However, remember that when the moment has passed, it will never come back. The choice is yours to choose what you do. An afternoon of football or watching a favorite TV series or playing with kids outside will make a lasting impression on the children.
Develop intimacy at early stage

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If you do not develop intimacy with your children when they are young, it will be harder to do this when they are older and more mature. If you miss this intimacy with the children, it will also affect them when they get older.
Be a teacher to your child in the broadest sense of the word

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Children must be able to distinguish between evil and good. Father plays a significant role here; he will have to demonstrate it. Take decisions in front of your children and explain why you have come to a particular decision.
Evaluate your thinking through their decisions: Which decision of my child, I would be satisfied in this case. Teach them that it is okay to make mistakes; everybody makes them, you and I.
Show You care
A lot of men have difficulty expressing their feelings even to their family members, including love for their children Show off your feelings to your kids, not just when you’re angry. So you also teach them to share with others, positive feelings and emotions.
Have respect for the mother of your children
Mutual respect between parents of a child is crucial. The way you dealt with the mother of your children gives them a picture of their role when they will be parents.
This does not mean that you should not defend your opinion. Let them realize and believe the father is just as significant and valuable as the mother. For the development of your children, it is important for them to hear different opinions, as they learn to cope with it. Always try to be on a par with the mother of the children regarding discipline, both in the positive and negative sense.
Do not have unreasonable expectations of your children.
The community can put your children under a lot of pressure. This can arise from a better performing sibling, other peers who can do something better, school teachers who expect higher performance or the trainer, in the sport in which they sit, on trying to make the most of the kids. It’s important to help your child to understand these people without losing the talents and limitations of your child in your mind. By understanding these abilities and constraints, you can help your kids to set achievable goals for themselves. It makes no sense to set a goal that there is no corresponding talent.
Do not have unreasonable expectations of yourself

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You’re the father of your child, and you’re an important person in his or her development. As a father, you can not determine all the strengths and talents of your child.

Let’s conclude with an inspirational quote: There is no perfect father, there is only good father who tries his best.


What Takes To Be A Good Parent

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No doubt that every parent wants to be the best parent of the world, but many of them fail even becoming the good. There are no rules for becoming a good parent, but here, we are going to mention some guidelines that can take you towards your dream.
Remain good in every task you normally do
Whether it is a 2-years old kid or a teen, they observe everything you do in front of them. To teach good things to your kids, behave in a same manner as you want him to react/behave.
Be frank

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No matter what is the age of your child, you should remain frank with him so that he can share his feelings with you. This habit should be developed from the time he is kid, as later it will become difficult. Like you can ask him his routine of school, if anything special happened and much more. It will let him be free and share his every problem with you.
Avoid comparison
It is the biggest mistake that parents do. Whether their children are in school or college or even at job, they keep on comparing them with others. This comparison brings negativity to their mind which further can make them stubborn or can also leave them stressed. So, rather than comparing you child with others, you should praise him for his achievements (even if they are not much good) along with inspiring him to do better next time.
Spend time with your family
Spending time with their kids is the biggest issue that people are facing in this fast paced life. They are much busy in their daily chores, jobs and social life, that they don’t find time for their kids. Also, while spending time with your kids, you should make them feel so special that they would enjoy the moments rather than feeling imprisoned. You should not force them to spend time with you but instead engage them in a way that they would enjoy it.
Be with them for milestones

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Never miss out the moments that are special to your kid. Like if he is participating in games, a cultural function or any other event, then you must attend that event. It will encourage your kid more and he will admire the fact that you are always with him in his downs and ups.
Let him do mistakes

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What most of the people do is stopping their kids from doing mistakes. Though it is good in the case if there would be harm to them, but otherwise you should let them do what they are doing. There is a proven fact that kids learn best from the failures. Let them do mistakes and grow better.


The best way to STAY MOTIVATED And stay SUCCESSFUL In your life



Are you looking for many ways to keep motivated and get success in daily life? This article will discuss this issue and hopefully can keep you going.
Motivation and success possess a deep relationship together. For the successful and prosperous life, you have to be highly motivated.
Every day life is not really a bed of roses. One also offers to handle many hardships through the lifetime. Merely the highly motivated individuals emerged from the hurdles of life with flying colors.
Many people find it difficult to remain motivated because they contemplate it an incredibly struggle. It’s not true. There’s no brain surgery behind motivation. All of you need self-control and determination to change your pessimistic behavior into optimistic behavior.
“Success usually relates to people who find themselves too busy being searching for it.” Henry David Thoreau
Following are a few tips which will help you to stay on a positive track. Lets have a look at them.

bmabh quotes
1.    Motivational force:
You need a look into the motivational force. This is actually the real essence of success. Make an effort to focus on your passion and interests and find out which thing touches your soul essentially the most. Before creating a task, ponder that how come it’s important to you together with what you could achieve from it. You should look at every one of the pros and cons you may get in the task.
2.    Get inspired by others:
We occasionally just run out of our positive juices and feel tired and gloomy. In those days, it is recommended observe inspiring people near you. This sort of people carries positive energy with these which can be utilized in you.
3.    Get yourself organized:
Disorganization will lead one to nowhere. A cluttered desk with overloaded files will automatically allow you to less motivated. You will want up and clean up space. You’ll feel relieved definitely. Moreover, also, try to organize your thought patterns. Simply take note of thing that is troubling may help you to definitely clear up your mind.
4.    Work as outlined by an agenda:
Working haphazardly causes stress and trouble only. Before starting a task, brainstorm from the idea and arrange the entire task within a systematic manner. It will help one to achieve your goal better in less duration of time.
5.    Celebrate your achievements:
Regards and positive reinforcements have a very longer lasting effect on raises the morale and motivation amount of anyone. This is the old and basic rule of human psychology. Attempt to incorporate it to you. Celibrate your success if you accomplish a task successfully. As an example, purchase with an ice-cream after completing an assignment.

6. keep close relationship with your family and friend

Family and friends serve as a protecting shield for us in times of difficulty. love your family and friends!

quotes about family and friends- Friends become our chosen family

inspirational family quotes and sayings
These folks were some ideas to take motivation in your lifetime. Provide them with a read and try to play with them from today.